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Getting Started

From the Email Home Drafts area, you will see an option to Build From HTML.


If you do NOT have the Advanced HTML Email Author right, you will receive an error message. Your only option is to use a Template.

If you have the Advanced HTML Email Author right, you will be moved along to the Edit Content step.

Edit Content

There are two different versions you must work with: HTML and Text.


Save and View will be used to save and view your message in a browser.

Save will save the work done in both the HTML and Text areas.

Next will save your work (beginning August 28) and move you to the Preview step.

Exit will exit you from the editing area and any changes made from the last save will be lost.

*NOTE - you must include the Sender Tokens in your HTML and Text versions.

*NOTE - There is no auto save feature, so save often.

Unsubscribe Token

For the unsubscribe link in the HTML version, you will need to use the following token: ##Unsubscribe##. ##Unsubscribe## should be replaced with the word "Unsubscribe" hyperlinked with a unique URL for each recipient. Currently, it is replacing it with "click here". This is a defect and it is being worked on.

Do NOT place this token in a hyperlinked element!

Below is an example of what it would look like:


For the unsubscribe link the Text version, you will need to use the following case sensitive token: ##UnsubscribeURL##. The token will be replaced with the URL that allows users to unsubscribe. You should not place it in a href tags for the Text version.

Making Changes

Once HTML has been chosen for a message and "save" has been used, the Draft card wording will change:


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