Email Marketing Release - May 15, 2018

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Email Reporting

Product Functionality

Expanded Click Tracking Metrics

  • Total clicks is the sum of every click each recipient makes on any link within an email.
  • Unique click counts the first time that a recipient visits a specific link, but not any subsequent clicks of that link from the same message.
  • Initial click is the basis for a message's click to open rate. It counts only the first hyperlink which an individual recipient clicks.
  • You can view total, initial and unique clicks counts by message, by hyperlink, or by recipient.

Issue Resolution

  • ENC-32713 prevents duplicate delivery notifications from skewing delivery rate to be higher than send rate.
  • ENC-32850 improves accuracy of real-time metric processing so the UI more closely reflects results pulled from the Email Metric API.

Beta Template Editor and Dynamic Content Style Manager

Important: This release does not include any breaking changes that would require clients to rebuild or modify templates.

Product Functionality

  • Within Dynamic Content Style Manager it is now possible to set all hyperlinks to show or hide hyperlink underlining.

Issue Resolution

  • ENC-32356 improves the text, image and between item spacing for all news, event and RSS layouts
  • ENC-32326 corrects the Date Box - Title - Text - Button Layout so that it accurately applies border and background styles based on saved style.
  • ENC-32324 resolves an issue whereby the close button could not be reached when the browser window was smaller than the modal window.