Admin Planning Items

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The following information should be helpful as you create the plan for training your staff and volunteer Email Marketing admins.

Admin Rights 

Existing administrative rights will continue to work: Superadmin, Communications Admin, Email Author, and Advanced HTML Email Author. Some new administrative rights were created for the new Email Marketing functionality.

Sender Identities (who the email will appear to be from) 

Sender Identities will populate the Sender Tokens in emails as well as the From Name and From Email. You will need to decide if you’re going to create the Sender Identities for staff/volunteers or if they will be creating these. Sender Identities will be unique per site / GID. This should be worked on now. 

Template Building (the structure of the email content) 

Templates need to exist in order for your staff/volunteers to create messages. The templates need to contain Sender Tokens as well as the Unsubscribe token or URL. If you are building a template that should exist in multiple sites / GIDs, you should create it in GID 1 and then reach out to Application Support with details on the sites / GIDs it needs to exist in. This should be worked on now. 

If you expect staff/volunteers to rebuild/create their own templates, you may need to place them into the new admin right of Email Template and Style Manager. This should be worked on now. 

Audience Selection (who the message will be sent to) 

Create Queries to be used in Emails 

Data Viewer queries will be used in the new Email Marketing tools.  These queries will need to be marked as an Email Segment. Saved queries can be edited and marked as Email Segments in addition to building new queries. If you want your staff/volunteers to edit and build new Data Viewer queries, they will need to be placed into the Email List and Segment Manager right discussed above. This should be worked on now.

Lists (Email Address Files) 

Lists are what you are currently calling Email Address Files. Lists will be uploaded to the List and Segment area. If you want staff/volunteers to be able to upload the files, they will need to be an Email List and Segment Manager. If they do not have this right, they will only be able to select the lists you make available to them. This should be worked on now.

Email Workflow 

Once the items above are set up and you have determined which rights your admins will have, your workflow can be refined based on the standard workflow outlined below: 

  1. Start a new email (provide Email Details including the Sender Identity). 
  2. Select the template (there may only be one option) or choose to create from HTML (with appropriate administrative rights). 
  3. Edit the content. 
  4. Select the audience (there may only be one for some users). 
  5. Preview the email. 
  6. Select the schedule. 
  7. Release.