In-Form Membership Role Basing

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With the April 23, 2018 release, Membership roles can be applied on subsequent steps on a form following the Membership levels. The creation of the Membership Levels and Roles isn't changing. The application and usage of the roles within the Membership form changed. Below are the rules applied to this functionality:

  • When completing a Membership form, if any step, category, or field is role based to a specific Membership level, the form session will use the role assigned to the level the user selected in that session. For existing members, the membership level and associated role of their previously purchased membership will be ignored.

  • If a user starts the Membership form, but does not complete it, then role basing of content and forms in all other areas of Encompass will utilize the role assigned to their most recent and active purchased membership. The role assigned to their draft membership form submission will not be applied.

  • If a user has an existing active membership, their current membership level will still display in the Membership Level control for comparison.

  • Users have 7 days to complete Membership form sessions that are started but not completed. After 7 days, they will need to start the form over again since none of their previous selections will be filled in.
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