Release Notes - March 6, 2018

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Google reCaptcha Upgrade


We’ve all experienced it before: an application doesn’t like something about an attempt to log in or complete a form, and to ensure we’re not a robot shows us a Google reCaptcha control asking us to enter the garbled text shown. Even with the clearest of vision it can often be difficult to correctly interpret the text to enter, leading to a frustrating experience.


If you sympathize with this statement we have good news for you: Encompass will be upgraded from Google reCaptcha version one to version two on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, at 8:00PM CST. This change will occur at the same time for all clients (US, CA, and AU).

A Better User Experience

No More Confusing Text

Rather than being prompted to enter the words presented as is seen in example of reCaptcha version one above, most users will merely be asked to select the checkbox to attest that they are not a robot.


Depending on the credentials entered and the user behavior leading up to the checkbox being selected, they may also be prompted to select from a group of images all of those that feature a particular characteristic, such as all of those that have a car or place where someone would live.

A Win for Accessibility

The new reCaptcha is also a win for those who have a disability that impacts their computer use. Not only will users be challenged less often under the new reCaptcha, but the new reCaptcha provides support for keyboard navigation and most assistive technologies

How may your site be impacted?

For those clients that have implemented a custom login view, you will want to verify that new reCaptcha control does affect your login page’s layout and styling. During the development effort to implement the new reCaptcha every attempt was made to ensure that the new control did not impact any client login pages, regardless if a standard or custom view was implemented. However, given the number of permutations there may be for a custom login page, it will be important to verify that your login page appears as expected on the morning of March 6th.

How do you test?

To test that the new control has not impacted your custom login, go to the login page for your site and attempt to enter an invalid username/password combination. You should be presented with the “I’m not a robot” checkbox. When this checkbox appears, assure that your custom layout or design displays appropriately.

If you have any questions or see issues with your login view after the change, please contact Application Support at  or call 913-685-5242.