New Email Marketing: Overview

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The Journey to New Email Marketing

Beta Reporting and Template Editing are only two components of a larger transition in the works. Our clients deserve email marketing tools that are reliable, powerful, and easy to use. That's exactly what we are delivering.

With each release, iModules continues to advance Email Marketing with Encompass to better reflect our 5 guiding principles. The five sections below summarize what we've accomplished and where we are headed.


If an Email Marketing message isn't delivered, nothing else about it matters

Improving Delivery

  • Dynamic IP load balancing
  • Private IPs and Domain white-labeling
  • Spam Report Tracking  


Email Marketing should reveal the effectiveness of your marketing strategy


Renovate Reporting
(Beta Ended April 2018)

  • Moves staff out of the role of number crunching
  • Beautiful, easy to use interface
  • Near-real time metrics
  • Out of the box trend reporting
  • Email Metric API

Expand Trend Reporting

Quickly compare your performance against internal and higher-ed advancement industry benchmarks



Email Marketing should conserve your most limited resource: time

Template Editor

Authors don’t need expert coding skills to make mobile friendly templates in our drag and drop editor.

Renovated Email Building Workflow (available for sending in August 2018)

  • Admins aren't locked in to sequential workflow
  • Take action on multiple drafts at once
  • Template editor becomes the email editor
  • Sender Identities saves frequently repeated sender details for reuse


Email Marketing should be relevant to the constituent receiving it


Enhanced Scheduling Options

  • Send Immediately / Send on Future Dates / Schedule Recurring

Improve Subscription Management

Constituents easily define what topics they want to hear about and from whom.

Advanced Segmentation

Target based on geography, demographics, content engagement, and conversions.



Email Marketing should facilitate experimentation and discovery

Versioning and Reporting

Gain the knowledge needed to improve engagement through systematic content targeting and testing.


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