Encompass Release Notes 10th June 2024

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:
U.S. = June 10th, Monday Evening | Canada = June 10th , Monday Evening
| Australia = May 21th, Tuesday Morning



Scoreboards - Ambassador Challenges

Default Text Used in Sharing a Challenge through Social Media

Updated the default text used when sharing a challenge through social media for users to communicate the challenge's request for donations effectively. Users can edit the text according to their preferences.

Title/subject if offered:
"Help me meet my Donation Challenge: [challenge name]"

Main Content:
"Hey, friends! Help me make a difference by contributing to [challenge name]. I've Created this Challenge to support the {community name]'s giving initiative! Every little bit counts!"

Reactivation of Challenges

Added the reactivation of challenges functionality. Ambassadors or admins by using the edit option can now reactivate challenges. They can edit the challenge date that has ended and extend the challenge duration as needed.

Note: A challenge can be reactivated only if the related initiative remains active. Once the initiative concludes, challenges cannot be reactivated. The donation button within a challenge stays active regardless of the challenge's status. Clicking it directs donors to the associated donation form.

Updated the View Stats Page

The view stats page has been updated to display only the current initiative's donation details at the top. Additionally, we have updated the View Stats areas to accommodate the newly added social sharing options. Untrackable activity or email sharing can now be categorized under "Other." The tracking features the following:

  • Donation Breakdown
  • Donation Count
  • Top Donations
  • Affiliation Totals
  • Challenge Breakdown

Total social sharing options include:

LinkedIn: Donors can share their donation details, challenges, and giving pages as posts on their LinkedIn profiles.
Facebook: Users can share donation activities on their Facebook timelines along with personalized captions.
X: Donors can message about their donations and associated giving pages using customizable messages and hashtags.
Instagram: An option is provided to share donation-related images and captions on Instagram posts.
Email: Donors can share donation pages and progress indicators via email to engage friends and family directly.


Updated Social Media Icon

Replaced the Twitter Icon with X  on the login page.


Enhanced Bot and Carding Protection

You may have recently noticed a change when accessing Encompass forms, particularly when accessing donation campaigns. This change involves the appearance of a Cloudflare verification page. This page is a new security measure aimed at blocking and disrupting bots and automated scripts before they can interact with a campaign form. For a considerable period, our existing security measures and best practices were sufficient to deter these attempts. However, with technological advancements, additional measures have become necessary. This includes implementing rate limiting, which helps prevent abusive behaviors that may arise.

As we continued to refine our configuration, we've shifted the protective measures to occur before the billing step rather than at the form entry point. This adjustment helps ensure that potential threats are intercepted before they can impact critical stages of the payment transaction process while still allowing end users a clear path to the form. If you have any automated testing of forms, your automated tests may now fail. If this occurs, please contact support for assistance. We will continue monitoring activity to minimize the risk of card testing and other malicious activities.

The purpose of the Cloudflare verification page is to provide an extra layer of security. It’s strategically designed to enhance protection against malicious bots and automation scripts. By deterring these threats before they reach payment transaction submissions, we are maintaining the integrity of your those transactions.

This security enhancement is especially important for any commerce forms that are not behind authentication, like donation campaigns. We’re taking proactive steps to strengthen our defenses and provide a safer online environment for your transactions. The integrity and security of data being collected is one of our top priorities, and we’re committed to continuously improving our security measures. We regularly update our security protocols and implement advanced features to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. This includes regular audits, penetration testing, and updates to our encryption methods.


Accessibility Improvements

WCAG - Invalid Form Controls

The system has been enhanced to detect and flag invalid data in form fields. This feature notifies assistive tools when a field requires correction ensuring a smoother user experience. For instance, screen readers audibly indicate an invalid entry as part of the field description if errors are detected. This functionality applies to both standard textbox controls and email-related textbox controls including those for confirming email addresses.


Functional Area



Giving 254308

When using Stripe for event payment with a promo code that provided a fixed discount, the discounted amount was incorrect at the Stripe payment stage.

The system has been updated to ensure that the promo code amount is correctly applied to the total and that the amount charged on the gateway is accurate.

Giving 2331657

When an ambassador was added to an initiative and saved, the added ambassador was not reflected in the initiative.

Now, the ambassador can be successfully added to the initiative and this can be verified by clicking the Edit Initiative option.

Foundation 2221351

On the profile form, when the community inheritance option 'Hide from certain communities' was selected, the list of communities was not displayed.

Now, the list of communities appears when the option is selected. 

Foundation 244974

The Identity Checkpoint (ICP) feature within Encompass was experiencing an issue with matching non-member entries while filling out donation forms.

Users can now fill out donation forms without issues.

Foundation 250459

When running a Reconciliation report with adjustment for a selected date range, an error occurred.

Now, the report can be run without errors by selecting any date range.

Foundation 217132

Removing a commerce item from a cloned event form did not trigger an automatic page refresh resulting in a stuck deletion options modal until a manual page refresh revealed the deletion.

Now, automatic refresh occurs when deleting fields from a form.

Foundation 220429

The textbox currency type field restricted input values to less than 999,999.99.

Increased the input value by 1 digit to accommodate higher value.

Foundation 2344207

The menu options layout on the billing page was changing abruptly.

Ensured that the menu options layout is unaltered.


Foundation 253377

Security Vulnerability Corrected

Email Marketing 252687

In the email editor, the collapse functionality was not working properly for the left sidebar with elements and blocks.

Now, the functionality is working correctly; the sidebar collapses when the arrow to minimize is clicked.

Email Marketing 227735

On the segmented campaign page, users were able to add or delete versions, but the page did not automatically refresh to display the resulting segmented campaigns.

Now, when deleted the page automatically refreshes and displays the resulting segmented campaigns.

Email Marketing 2329292

Emails included in BCC for Campaigns were not getting released.

Now, emails included in BCC for campaigns will be released successfully. Also, tested to ensure the successful release of Emails, Notification Emails, and Preview Emails.

Email Marketing 2316933

Unable to create a template when the name starts with a space followed by any text.

Now, users can create a template with a name that starts with a space followed by text. 

Email Marketing 239990

Corrected email marketing API failure