Optimized Event Exports

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The Optimized Event Exports provide a way for you to create an on demand export or schedule a recurring export for a specific event.

Registration Summary Export - collects all registrant activity (edits, adjustments, and additions) and summarizes them into a single row for each registrant and their guests.

Audit / Transactional Export - detailed export of all the registrant activity that displays all of the edits, adjustments, and additions behind each primary and guest registration.

Event Attendance Export - collects all attendee activity. Each row represents and event attendee - including registrants, guests, and walk ups (offline attendees).


There are several ways to access Event Reports/Exports.

1. From the Events homepage, use the gear icon by the event you want to pull reports for and choose Create Reports.

2. While working in the Event as an admin, choose Form Reporting from Manage Form.  Click Create New Export. This will move you directly into the reporting options for the specific event you are working in.

3. From the Events menu, choose Reporting. From the Single Event Reports dropdown, select your event.

4. From the Events homepage, click on the Reports tab.

From the Single Event Reports dropdown, select your event.

 Click the Create New Export button under the Optimized Event Exports heading.