Beta Template Editor FAQ


What are the advantages of the new editor?

  • The editor ensures all emails are responsive by default.
  • The editor guarantees compatibility with over 90% of desktop, mobile and web clients.
  • The editor offers more control of your footer and header styling
  • The editor lets you configure elements to show/hide on mobile devices with the click of a button.
  • The new editor is the first step on a path toward more advanced features like A/B testing and drip marketing.

Why beta?

  • The opportunity gain experience using a new email editor before the existing workflow and editor are replaced.
  • A chance to build new or convert old templates to the new format.
  • The beta features do not impact or alter existing email sending functionality, so your current process does not need to change.

How do I access / know that beta is activated?

  • The Beta Email Template option will appear in the Email Marketing menu in the left column/panel.

For which email clients do we guarantee compatibility?

Desktop Mobile Web Based Clients

Air Mail 2.0
Apple Mail 4
Apple Mail 5
Apple Mail 6
Apple Mail 7
Apple Mail 8
Entourage 2004
Entourage 2008
IBM Notes 9
Lotus Notes 8
Lotus Notes 8.5
Outlook (all versions)
Thunderbird 3.0+
Windows Live Mail
Windows Mail

Android 2.3 - 4.2.x
Android 4.3+
Blackberry 5+ app
iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
(new) iPhone 6s
(new) iPhone 6s Plus
iPad (retina display too)
iPad Air
iPad Mini
(new)iPad Pro
KindleFire 2.3
Mailbox App
Nate app
Outlook App
Windows Phone 7.5
Windows Phone 8+

AOL Mail
Atmail Open
Google Inbox
Roundcube Webmail
Yahoo! Mail


How do I modify the HTML?

  • The editor does not and will not facilitate direct HTML/CSS editing
  • For clients who prefer to work directly with HTML/CSS, we plan to introduce a separate advanced interface.

How do I add community content?

  • It is not yet possible to add dynamic content into the new editor. The feature is under development.

Where is spell check?

  • Spell check is not yet available in this version of the beta template editor. It is slated for activation in the first quarter of 2017.

Are tokens supported?

  • Token replacement is not activated in the initial version of the beta template editor. However, feel free to incorporate member field tokens you use today into the templates you build.
  • When token replacement is activated, we will also be introducing support for a new tokens that you can place in the URL field.  
    • ##unsubscribe## will become an unique unsubscribe url for each recipient. We are making this change so you can have greater control of your footer elements.
    • ##webview## will become a view in browser link. We are making this change so you can have greater control over your header elements

What about role based content?

  • It is not yet possible to add role based content in the new editor. The feature is under development.

Which admins can access the Beta Template Editor?

  • Super Admins, Communication Admins, and Email Authors can access the Beta Template Editor.

How do I lock a template?

  • Templates cannot be locked from the template builder user interface. We are considering adding this feature in the future.
  • Currently the only locked templates are those that are available to all iModules Clients.

Can I use my existing / old templates with the new editor?

No. In order to guarantee compatibility and responsiveness templates will need to be re-created using the new editor.

Do I have to rebuild my template or will iModules build it for me?

  • If you have purchased an email marketing template from iModules in 2016, that specific template will be eligible for iModules to re-implement.  Specific details regarding the timing and conditions will be provided to those who qualify.
  • If you purchase an email marketing template during the transition period, the template will be built in both systems.
  • If you have other templates that you would like for iModules to build in the new email editor, please contact your Account Manager for pricing.

How long do I have to transition my templates to the new format?

  • We have not determined a firm transition date. Clients will be given a minimum of six months to transition templates - likely longer.
  • One of the main reasons we are introducing the new editor as a beta product is to give clients ample time to build new or convert old templates to the new format.

How can I create a custom event/date Favorite?

  • Step by step instructions to create a custom event/date Favorite exist on this page. There are also short videos on the page to walk you through each step of the process.

How do I provide feedback or report an issue?

  • To report an issue, please contact iModules Application Support.
  • To make a suggestion, please complete the feedback form.
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