Membership Form Building Resources

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Membership Build Order

Map out Form before build: i.e. diagram, whiteboard, etc

  1. Membership Levels
  2. Steps
  3. Categories
  4. Fields
    1. Existing Fields
    2. New Fields
  5. Roles (if needed)
  6. Custom Design
  7. Admin Test
  8. User Test
  9. Launch

Documentation: Membership Form Build | Membership Form Build Checklist

Questions to ask before each build

  1. Who am I building this for? (Audience)
  2. How do they enter the form?
  3. Are Admin only fields needed?
  4. How do users exit the form?
  5. Will a confirmation email be used and what will it say?
  6. Will Identity Checkpoint be used?

Use the answers to these questions to create a road map for your form prior to building.


Forms Vocabulary

General Forms

Steps: Page display in the form. You can create additional steps to break up information collection flow.

Categories: The containers the hold and sort your data fields. Categories can be used as filters in reporting and can collapse fields from view in a form.

Fields: The tool used to collect the data for storage in your database

Existing Fields: Fields that have been created in your database or mapped over from your back end database (example: profile member fields)

New Fields: A new field that is created because it does not exist in your database. DO NOT create new fields when an existing field is present. (example: phone number field is existing because it is a member field used often, whereas a field requesting someone’s favorite color would be unique and specific to the form it lives in. This would be a new field.)

Membership Forms

Levels: Purchase options for a membership form. There is no limit to the number of levels and pricing options you can create for a form.

Membership Type:

  • Limited Term: This membership type begins on a defined date or a date of purchased. The price can be fixed or pro-rated based on the effective date.
  • Lifetime: This membership has no end date

Auto Renewal: this can be made an option for a level, or as a requirement based on purchase.

Promotional Code: The codes can change pricing for levels or cause hidden levels to become visible.

Suggested Naming conventions

Building Fields - nameoftheform_nameofthefield
(example: class2004reunion_dinnerselection)

Building Roles - nameoftheform_nameofthefield_nameofthevalue

For your reference: Vocabulary and Suggested Naming Convention documents.