Organizing Email Templates

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Organizing Email Templates

In the template editor, this feature organizes templates through folders. This makes it easier to manage email templates.

Template Folders

By default, all templates are initially placed in the Root folder, and the number of templates in the folder is displayed. 

Add Functionality

To create a folder users can right-click on the Root folder and select Add New Folder. The newly added folder will appear alphabetically and can be renamed.  The folders will display the number of templates in it. Clicking on a folder reveals the templates it contains in the right panel within the template editor.


To add an existing template or relocate a template to a different folder, click the Gear menu,  click Edit Details, and then select the folder from the dropdown.

Search and Sorting functionality

Users can use the search box to conduct searches. When performing a search, it scans the template name through not only the currently opened folder but all folders. A new column, 'Folder Name,' has been added on the right panel. This column indicates the folder where each template resides enabling users to find the folder location of each template in search results. Users can click on any column header to sort in ascending or descending order based on the column values.

Note: On the headers when clicked for sorting the Up arrow indicates ascending order and the down arrow indicates ascending order.

Delete Functionality

Users are prevented from deleting a folder with templates; an error message is displayed in such cases. To delete a folder all the templates either have to be moved to a different folder or deleted.

To delete a blank folder, right-click and click delete. Deleting a folder prompts a confirmation message, and when confirmed the folder is deleted.