Encompass Release Notes 26th February, 2024

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Please note the product releases for the environments are scheduled as follows:
U.S. = February 26th, Monday Evening | Canada = February 26th, Monday Evening
| Australia = February 27th, Tuesday Morning


Email Marketing

Organizing Templates in Email Editor

In the template editor, added a new feature that enables organizing templates through folders. This makes it easier to manage email templates.

By default, all templates are initially placed in the root folder, and the count of templates in the folder is displayed. To organize the templates, users can create folders under the Root folder and add the templates. Users can create a hierarchy of folders by creating a folder under another folder.


The newly added folder will appear alphabetically, and users can rename it.  Clicking on a folder reveals the templates it contains on the right panel within the template editor. Templates can be moved between folders. When templates are moved or deleted from the folder, the template count adjusts accordingly reflecting the number of templates within each folder. 


Implemented Search and Sorting Functionality

Users can use the search box to conduct searches. When performing a search, it scans the template name through not only the currently opened folder but all folders. A new column, 'Folder Name,' has been added on the right panel. This column indicates the folder where each template resides enabling users to find the folder location of each template in search results. Users can click on any column header to sort in ascending or descending order based on the column values.

Delete Functionality

Users are prevented from deleting a folder with templates; an error message is displayed when attempting to delete a folder containing a template. To delete a folder all the templates either have to be moved to a different folder or deleted. Deleting a blank folder prompts a confirmation message, and the folder is deleted when confirmed.

For more information click Organizing Email Templates


Accessibility Improvements 

Scoreboards Affiliation Module: Added Alt Text Field for Images

In enhancing accessibility, an "Alt Text" label option was integrated into the image upload process within the Scoreboards Affiliation module. This ensures that every uploaded image includes the necessary Alt Text label. Users are prompted to provide Alt Text information during image upload with the flexibility to edit these details as needed. This ensures that Alt Text remains an editable component aligning with WCAG guidelines.

Field Instruction Messages

For inline field instruction notifications, added an "aria-describedby" attribute to the form control. This is particularly useful for scenarios such as multi-select fields with instructions to use "ctrl or shift" or the primary email field when a verification email is also requested.

Dropdown Menu Navigation

Ensured the accessibility and usability of a dropdown menu according to the WAI-ARIA Combobox Keyboard Interaction. Updated proper labeling, roles, and attributes to make the dropdown understandable and navigable for users relying on screen readers or keyboard navigation. The goal is to create an inclusive design that accommodates various user needs and interactions.

Attendee List Form Control

The "Attendee list" form control lacked an accessible name as its <label> element was hidden making it invisible to assistive technologies and hindering the conveyance of the control's purpose to users relying on such technologies.

Updated the system and the form control can now be labeled ensuring the visible label text.



Functional Area





Donor rolls were not displaying all the transactions within a selected timeframe.

Now, Donor rolls display all donations within the selected timeframe, and users can choose to display either the name, donation, or both.





Unsubscribe links in emails led to a 404 page not found error, despite the token URL within the link being functional when decoded separately. Clicking on the complete link in the email triggered the 404 error.

Verified consistent and accurate redirection of email URLs including those from various sources and with appended tokens. Confirmed the proper functionality of links attached to text, buttons, and images, as well as URLs from user input, system tokens, user-created tokens, system fields, and email list merge files.




In the Giving Transaction Export Report, found that asterisks were showing in the place of billing emails for Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple transactions.

Updated the system to reflect the billing emails for all the transactions.



On the event landing/content center page, activities were displayed even after surpassing their designated end date.

Now, the activities are displayed only according to the set date, beyond the set date the activities will not be displayed. 

Email Marketing


Fixed the issue where the Email Home Draft tab was not loading the list of email drafts, and the page appeared blank.

Email Marketing


In the Email Editor, the properties panel was not fully displayed, and scrolling was not an option.

The system was improved to completely display the properties panel and enabled scrolling for full access.

Email Marketing


In the Email Editor, enabled the vertical scrollbar which was missing on the Dynamic Content Selection modal.