Importing Data into a Membership Campaign

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You can import into a Membership campaign by using the following fields which will put values into the areas on the Admin Only – Membership Tab on the Profile Form:

  • [Membership campaign name] - Membership Level
    • If a Membership Level has been assigned a custom database value, that custom database value must be used in the Membership Level field when importing.
  • [Membership campaign name] - Purchase Date
  • [Membership campaign name] - Expiration Date

    • The Expiration Date column is a required column, but for Lifetime memberships the value in the column should be left blank.  

    • The system stores the Expiration Date as mm/dd/yyyy X:XX  where this is the Date and Time the membership was originally purchased online.  When you import memberships, the Expiration Date column is populated with mm/dd/yyyy and the system inserts 0:00 for the time.  It is possible to get an error message.  For example, you could break auto-renewals and scheduled payments for a membership because the system thinks you are shortening the term of the membership (via the Expiration Date). You might be importing the Expiration Date as 03/15/2013 0:00 and the system has 3/15/2013 12:00, and because the time is earlier, it sees this as shortening the term even though you really are not.  Shortening memberships manually will also break auto-renewals and scheduled payments (but you will not see an error message).

  • [Membership campaign name] - Status - Valid statuses for Lifetime memberships are current and canceled; lapsed cannot be imported for lifetime memberships. Items with a Status of "past" cannot be imported at all.
NOTE:  The import must include these four fields plus the Constituent ID. If you have changed the default, the column headers for your site would be different.

On the Membership Transaction History on a member's profile, imported memberships will display in the membership transaction list and will show the details for the membership.  The payment history for imported memberships will not show the amount and will not include credit card information.

Automated SFTP Membership Imports to Sealed Sub-communities
Membership data can be imported via SFTP to sealed sub communities by specifying the Group ID in the file name. To specify the file name, '_sealedid#' needs to be added to the end of the file name. For example, if you have a file with membership data called MembershipImport that you want to import into GID 230 the file should be named MembershipImport_sealedid230.csv.

  • There needs to be a separate file for each sub-community.
  • The rest of the import process is the same, only the file name needs to be updated to include the Group ID.