Payment Gateways / eCommerce Partners

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Following is a list of payment gateways that Encompass supports:

ACI - UP Bill Payment Solution (Official Payments)
Transact (f/k/a Cashnet) eMarket Hosted Checkout
Transact (f/k/a Cashnet) eMarket Transaction Gateway
Cybersource - SOAP tookit API
Digital Wallet
Elavon Converge (formerly Virtual Merchant)
First Data Global Gateway v1.7
IATS Payments
Moneris eSelectPlus
NelNet QuikPay API
PayPal Payflow Pro
Stripe Connect (hosted page)
TouchNet Payment Gateway Web Service
TouchNet T-Link (hosted page)

How does payment processing work?

In most cases, once the user has selected their purchase and chooses to proceed to pay, their credit card information is collected on a billing page hosted by Encompass.  This credit card information is collected on a separate commerce web server in the iModules system, secured and encrypted to industry standards for collecting and transmitting the card information.

Encompass is certified yearly by an independent, accredited security auditor to the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI DSS) for the collection, transmittal, and storage of credit card information.  The Encompass PCI DSS certification is at the highest level – Service Provider, Level 1.  Encompass utilizes Digicert, Inc. for the secure certificates and encryption of its servers.

Once the user enters their information into the Encompass credit card billing interface that information is sent to a payment gateway which then initiates the eCommerce process to effect the charge to the card. In most cases, this entire process takes place in a matter of seconds.

  1. User makes credit card transaction request in Encompass.
  2. Payment Gateway receives the securely encrypted order and credit card information.
  3. Payment Gateway formats the transaction detail appropriately and securely routes the transaction authorization request to a 3rd party processor.
  4. The transaction is routed by the 3rd party processor to the issuing bank (cardholder’s bank) to request transaction authorization.
  5. The transaction is authorized or declined by the issuing bank, or credit card in the case of American Express or Discover.
  6. The Payment Gateway returns the message of approval or declines to Encompass for display to the user as a confirmation of a successful transaction, or as an error message saying the transaction was not approved for the stated reason.
  7. If an approval, the issuing bank approves the transfer of money to the acquiring bank, which is the merchant bank authorized to collect funds for the client’s account.
  8. For an approved transaction, the acquiring bank credits the client’s merchant account.

Alternately, Encompass also integrates with two providers of hosted page payment gateways (noted above).  In this case, the user is taken from the user interface in the client’s Encompass site, and enters their card information into a page hosted externally by the payment gateway. This modifies the user flow, but fundamentally the same basic process as outlined above still holds.