Support Center FAQs

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Q: Will my co-workers be able to see my tickets and vice versa?
A:  Yes, the Support Center is set up so that all employees within an institution can see each other’s tickets. If specific individuals should not see all institutional tickets, please email and we will make that change.

Q: Will there be a place to track Encompass performance issues or defects?
A: We will continue to use to track Encompass system issues. Tickets reported by your institution that are identified as a defect will be listed in your account, and you will receive notification once they are released into production. The Encompass Issue Tracker on your Encompass dashboard will still be available.

Q: Can I still call or send an email to get support?
A: Absolutely! Application Support is still available at 913.685.5242 or via email at

Q: Will there be a place to submit enhancement requests?
A: We plan to add a method for clients to submit enhancement requests after the initial launch. We will let you know as soon as this option is available.

Q:  How can new employees or additional users from my organization get access to the Support Center?
A: If your institution has an additional Encompass admin, he or she can create an account by visiting and clicking the green Sign Up button.