Verbiage Builder

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Verbiage Builder enables you to edit the module, help, and labeling verbiage on your pages.

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to make changes.
  2. Click Verbiage Builder. 
  3. Click Page Verbiage to launch the verbiage window for the particular page you are on.
  4. Click Edit beside the verbiage you want to update.
  5. Make your changes in the Content Editor.
  6. Click Update Verbiage to save your changes.

Edit Default Button Verbiage
An enhancement was made to allow for global changes to the default values for the following buttons:

  • Campaign Donate Button
  • Campaign Purchase Button
  • Event Registration Button
  • Event Attendees List Button
  • Event Photos Button
  • Event Message Boards Button
  • Membership Purchase Button

NOTE: Any verbiage change made will be applied across ALL events, campaigns, or memberships (as applicable). Encompass will need to make these verbiage changes for you; please contact Application Support.