Golf Outing with Sponsorship Opportunity Event

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This Golf event was set up by our Professional Services team as a way to do a simple golf outing that also gives registrants the opportunity to purchase a sponsorship.   It is a Simple RSVP type event which allows golfers to register, input guest information, specify who they want in their foursome,  pay for a sponsorship and make a donation if they choose.

NOTE:  This simple event format does not allow you to include any free registrations/tickets with the purchase of a sponsorship.

Member View of the Event Form

On the first page of the form, the "Are you Golfing?" question field drives registration.  (The "Are you attending?" field is automatically added to a Simple RSVP event to drive registration, and the display name was edited to show "Are you Golfing?".)

First page, continued...

A Commerce Dropdown field called Golf Registration was added to collect primary registrant and guest fees.

A text box is used to collect names for a foursome, but does not register the players, so the registrant can specify who he wants to play with, but does not necessarily have to pay for all four.  Text has been added to let the registrant know that putting the names for the foursome in the text box does not actually register the players.

The Sponsorship Opportunity field is also a Commerce Dropdown.  A text box below it gives the registrant an opportunity to enter how they want the sponsorship displayed.  NOTE:  This simple event format does not allow you to include any free registrations/tickets with the purchase of a sponsorship.

First page, continued...At the bottom of the page, a donation category is included.

On the next page, the registrant can add guests.  The button has been updated to "Add Golfer" from Add Guest.  Instruction text has been added to let the registrant know they can continue without adding a guest.

Required Purchase Grouping for Commerce Items

The two commerce dropdown fields  - Golf Registration and Sponsorship Opportunity - were marked as "Include in Required Purchase Grouping".  They were not marked as "required" because we wanted to give the registrant the option to purchase either a golf registration OR a sponsorship (or both).  Basically the form is set up so the registrant could not be complete the form unless they selected to be a golfer and/or they wanted to purchase a sponsorship. (On the admin view of the form select Edit Field to set the properties for a field.)

Roles and Customization


Roles were used in this event so only registrants who answered "yes" to the Are you golfing?" question would see the Guest step of the form.   Registrants who answered "no" would not see the Guest step since they indicated they were not golfing and do not need to add guests.

(Click Edit Field on the admin view of the event to associate a role with the field.)

Then, the audience for the Guest step was set to only make it visible if the registrant met the role.  (Select Manage Form > Edit Step Settings.)


The Member Confirmation emails were customized, including the subject lines and the email bodies.  (The confirmation emails are accessed on the admin view:  Manage Form > Member Confirmation Email.)

The "Yes" confirmation email to members is customized for those registrants who are golfing.  The display text of the "Edit Registration" link was updated to show "Add Additional Activities or Guests".

The "No" member confirmation email was customized to thank the registrant for purchasing a golf sponsorship.


For questions contact Application Support, or to set up a consultation with Professional Services for more complex event creation, please contact your Customer Experience Manager.