Benefits of Using Event Activities

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General events training from iModules does not cover the use of Activities, so we just want to quickly remind you that they are out there and can play an important role in creating a better event registration form, and offer extra admin benefits you may not be aware of. We do have a modular training session that you can attend Activity-Driven Registration Model and special Activity settings (Events 203) for more information.

Activities allow you to offer listings of activities within your event, with separate registration and/or ticketing for each of those activities. Some benefits or uses include:

  • Activities work nicely with ROLES, allowing you to display only the appropriate activities to the appropriate people (like role-basing data fields) for a more streamlined registration process
  • Activities have their own registration setup, which means you can set start and end dates, have limits or “sold out” tickets on individual activities, and other registration specifics without shutting down complete event registration
  • Activities give you the ability to email ONLY activity registrants instead of entire event registrants
  • Activities show on the Events grid and itemize out info per activity

Here's an example from Ithaca College:

And finally, activities have their own attendee lists, which can be accessed via the general attendee list. Each attendee list is also available directly, so these individualized attendee lists can be used for all sorts of needs, including hyperlinks to specific constituents – for example, in an email to promote class attendance or specific group attendance.


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