Social Media Plugin Examples

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The following are our recommended plugins that can be embedded into a content area of an Encompass site.  Please keep in mind that you may need Application Support to add any HTML with a "Script" within the code. Though you can add widgets (via the HTML view) to any area or page within your site, we cannot help you modify the widgets and do not offer any support for the feeds.  

Plugin Name and Background Example Image Best Application   Link
Facebook enables users to generate a Facebook Page Plugin. This widget allows users to embed and support any Facebook page on an Encompass site.  With this widget, constituents can Like and Share the page without having to leave your site.  There are multiple options regarding the layout, size, and featured information that can be included.   This requires a medium to large sized content area and would be a great addition to a Home Page.  Requires Encompass Assistance
LinkedIn recently released a version of their  Alumni  Tool Plugin Generator which displays a rotating view of the top four places where your alumni are currently employed, where they reside, the top four most popular positions they hold.   This is commonly used on Home Pages and requires only a medium sized content area.   Requires Encompass Assistance
Twitter's widget options include an  Embedded  Collection Timeline which displays your recent tweets within a single feed.   This is great for larger content areas such as home or landing pages. Requires Encompass Assistance
Twitter offers 4 buttons that can be generated and used within your site: Share a link, Follow, Hashtag, and Mention.  Each provide different customization options that you can add to your site. These buttons would be a great addition to any giving campaign.   Requires Encompass Assistance

Pinterest offers several widgets, allowing you to easily pin an item or follow your organization.  Their Board Widget displays up to 30 of the most recent pins from one of an institution's boards and provide several size options, including Square, Sidebar, Header, or Custom.    

This can be used in medium to large sized content areas and is best suited for a Home Page. Requires Encompass Assistance
Spotify's widget enables an organization to easily share a social media advocate, mascot, or organization's leader's favorite music, placing a Spotify song or playlist directly onto an Encompass page.  This code can be added nearly anywhere within your site, and is a great way to generate interest.  This requires a medium to large-sized content area and would be a great addition to a Home Page.  Can be added via HTML view.


If you use Instagram, you can feed these images into a widget without having to duplicate your efforts by also importing via the site tools. SnapWidget created a solution to easily share your Instagram images via a feed on your Encompass site.   This is great for any Home or Club/Chapter page. Can be added via HTML view.
Juicer is a lesser-known but equally valuable tool.  It is a social media streaming resource that enables you to aggregate two of your school's social media accounts into a single feed.  So, if you'd like to blend both your Twitter and Facebook feeds into a single feed, Juicier allows you to do that. This would be a good fit for a home page or larger content area. Requires Encompass Assistance