Using the News Listing Module for Patterned Content

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Why use the News or Events Module?

  • Maintain content consistency, even with inexperienced content administrators or content creators.
  • Reusable patterns allow advanced functionality on multiple pages quickly and easily.
  • News content can be archived or published on a certain date.
  • Events get automatically removed once complete.
  • You can pull the content into emails, which can be patterned too!
  • You can create Mobile-friendly patterns by Encompass and easily maintained by you.

NOTE: If you think News provides the look and feel you want for your site, check out the Patternized Content Block functionality.

When could the News Module be used instead of content blocks?

To display a list of related content, each item in the list should have at least 2 of the 4 following pieces:

  • A title or headline
  • A related image (or thumbnail image)
  • Summary or preview text
  • A link to new or existing content (on your site or an external site)

Examples of Custom News Listings:

News Articles with Thumbnails (3 Across)



This layout is not available

by default but can be added

to your site by contacting

your Customer Success

Manager or

Customer Support.

More Uses to Consider:

  • Membership Benefits List
  • Featured Quotes from Alumni, donors, etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Clubs, chapters, or organizations list

With the power of patterned content layouts, you can quickly and easily manage lists of related content. This is especially helpful for sites using hybrid or mobile-ready templates.


Applying Saved Listing Formats

When you first add a news listing

to a page,  this is the default layout.

It displays the linked title and

summary text of each article.

Once the module is on the page, turn on Content Builder, then select to edit the module so that you can go into the module settings.  Most admins are familiar with the first step of the news and events listing modules’ settings, but we will be using the second step.

This is where we can select a saved listing format (pattern) to apply or choose to modify it.

There are three parts of this step:

  1. List of all saved formats (on the left).
  2. Module Display Format Preview (on the right).
    • Remember: this preview does not display using your site’s CSS, so don’t worry if it looks “wrong”
  3. The Edit the selected Module Display Format check box (bottom left).


Pick the one you want from the left, select a saved format, and then click Load Content. (New patterns/formats can be created by you or created for you by contacting your Customer Success Manager or Application Support.)

This loads the saved pattern for you, so all your articles or events displaying in the module will be formatted with the selected pattern.

NOTE: You can have the same news listing type (set of articles) display with many different patterns across your site!

For a full list of available tokens (news & events) and their output previews:

Module Tokens - Content Management

If you want to review any of the examples, be sure to check out:

News Pattern Examples

…or contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support for more information about adding patterns to your site.