SFTP Data Transfer - Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the auto SFTP import tool work?

Automated SFTP imports, including configuration file settings, mimic the manual tool available within Encompass - the only difference is automation.  It is recommended that you attend the import/export training to get a thorough explanation on how it works.

Where should I drop my import file in the auto SFTP folder?

In the root directory

This is a sample FTP client where the files will be added:


How do I change the import configuration file settings?

The config.xml file within the ‘config’ directory stores the settings for imports. You have access to update the config.xml import file settings. All parameters are required:




Use a text editor such as Notepad ® to maintain the config.xml file settings.

NOTE: It is recommend that you make a copy of the original config.xml file before making changes so you have a copy to revert back to if needed.  



Can more than one staff member get email notifications after the SFTP import completes?

No, only one member_id can be configured. Use a distribution list as an alternative.

  <!--This is what member is responsible for the import, this must be populated with something.
        This member will get emailed the standard import tool notifications.-->

When will the import be completed?

Import files in the automated SFTP folder prior to 5.30 AM CT or 7.30 AM CT will start processing at that time. Once the import has been completed, a confirmation email similar to this example will be sent:

Since the auto SFTP folder can handle huge file sizes, does that mean we can send our entire file each time?

No, Encompass import utilities are intended to be used for incremental updates in order to keep your Encompass Encompass database in sync with your offline database.  Full database refreshes (all records/all fields) are NOT permitted without coordination with your project manager or customer success manager.