Improving your Email Stats

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  • The Subject line of your email is an important part of determining how your email communication will be handled by various email service providers. 
  • Make sure your From address and Subject line contain the organization's name, so your recipients will instantly recognize you.  (Don't assume everyone will recognize the name of the admin sending the email.)
  • If you want people to open your emails, you have to get past their spam filters first.  Avoid using spammy keywords and phrases.  Avoid using ALL CAPS or lots of exclamations points!!! People will open the email if you tell them what's inside, not try to sell them.
  • Hard bounces mean an email address failed.  Maybe the email address no longer exists, or maybe someone made a typo when they entered it.  Hard bounces can also be due to a spam filter.  If you see an abnormally high number of bounces after a campaign, check your bounceback records for any message or clues from spam filters.
  • Too many hard bounces are also a sign of an old, stale email address list.  Make sure you keep in touch with your subscribers regularly (at least once a quarter).
  • Soft bounces usually mean the recipient is "temporarily unavailable".  Maybe they're on vacation, or their mailbox is full.  S Soft bounceback will be converted to a hard bounceback after several attempts have been made to deliver the email.


 See Email Bounces for more information.