Video Tutorials

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Video tutorials will display with controls at the bottom which allow you to play, pause, fast forward, adjust the volume, etc.  If you don't see the controls or have any trouble playing the videos, please contact Application Support.

Encompass Overview

Overview of Encompass navigation and tools.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard serves as an administrative home page which provides access to key components of your community.

Content Tutorials

The Content Management tools help you add, sort, and remove pages from your navigation as well as control page content.  The Content section includes tutorials on using the Content Editor, Image Manager, Site Map; adding a New Page; setting Page Properties; adding Content Blocks and types, News Listings and types; creating, editing and sorting News Articles; adding Event Calendars and types, Campaign listing types, RSS Feed, Schedule, File Library, Image Rotator, Polls and User Site Map; approving content, and managing Content Rights.

Community (Social Networking)

Community tutorials cover Class Notes, Classifieds, Flagged Words, Groups, Job Postings, Library, Message Boards, Photo Albums, the Profile page, and Sub-Communities.  This section also includes the Member Experience using these tools.


The Data area includes Data Viewer (query building), reporting/exporting, and Identity Checkpoint.


The Donations area allows you to create and manage your online giving. Donations tutorials cover Donations campaign creation (including Designations), adding fields, editing recurring payments and reporting.

New Email

Learn how to create messages, select your audience, schedule your message, and work with templates.


The Events area allows you to create and manage events. Events tutorials cover creating different types of events, adding fields to an event, reporting and how to add/remove a member from the attendee list.


The Forms area includes creating Forms and roles, reporting and how to add fields to a form.


Tutorials in this section cover adding or editing a member's profile, privacy protected records, and site statistics.


The Memberships area allows you to create and manage your memberships. Memberships tutorials cover Membership campaign creation (including Promotion Codes and Appeal Codes), reporting and how to set up a recurring email for expiring memberships.

Key Menu

The Key area includes the Payment Gateway tool, Social Applications Manager, Member Field Role Manager, assigning administrative rights and managing security settings for your community.

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