Event Registration Model

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To select an Event Registration Model determine what is driving registration for the overall event.   Is it the form, a fee, an activity, or the RSVP?

The registration model can be changed on an event until submissions have been received.

Form-Driven: Users who complete the event form will be registered as attending. Fee and activity are not required. Activities can be added with or without fees.

Fee-Driven:  Users are required to pay a registration fee on the main event to register. Events with donations supported in this model. Activities with or without fees can be added.

Activity-Driven:  Users who register for any activity are registered for the event. Fees can be collected on activities.

Simple RSVP:  Users are required to RSVP for the event to be registered. Activities cannot be added to the event.


Event Registration Event Fees Activities (with or without fees) Guest Names Events with Donations
Form Optional (can't drive registration) Optional Optional Yes
Fee Required Optional Optional Yes
Activity Optional (can't drive registration) Required Optional Yes
Simple RSVP No No Optional Yes