Incomplete Non-member Record Purging

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If a non-member record created during interaction with a public-facing form (one that does not require login) is not marked as "complete" by the Encompass system, the non-member record and the incomplete transaction associated with the form are deleted from the system during an after-hours, offline process.

The system will consider a commerce form “complete” when the commerce transaction succeeds. Non-commerce forms will be considered “complete” when all of the form steps are completed.


NOTE:  Since incomplete records will be purged nightly, you may want to edit your multi-step Forms to “Enable Forced Navigation”. This will force users to click the navigation buttons and complete each step of the Form.


Super Admins will receive a daily e-mail notification of all incomplete records/transactions deleted from the Encompass database. Daily emails will also go to specific admins (Forms, Events, Campaigns) for the incomplete records/transactions deleted from their area. Admins can then decide if they need to follow up on any of the records/transactions.