Updated Fields Export - Run Immediately

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Updated Fields Export - Run Immediately

NOTE:  Updated fields exports will contain profile changes made on forms and will not include changes made through a data import.

1. Choose Export Member Data.

2. Select Updated Fields Report.

3. Select Run the export immediately.
The system will assume you want the query to look at all members of the community.  If you want to build a query to look at a certain group, you can check the Customize Query box and it will step you through building a query.

4. Select the date range you want to pull updated fields for using  Export updated fields between [start date] and [end date].

5. Click Next.

6. Select Identifiers:  The Identifier Fields will be used to identify to whom the updated information belongs.
The Identifier Fields are also used because those fields generally have “static” data, such as Import ID, and you want to include it for data verification even though it has not changed. 

  • Load a Saved Identifier Field List:  If you pull this report on a regular basis, you can save a list of fields to use in order to simplify the process. (When you’ve saved a list you like, you’ll be able to select it from this list the next time you run a report.) 
  • The fields from the form will be in the Selected box.   You may select as many fields as you like to create your query.
  • Select Additional Data Fields: Add additional Identifier fields by using these two methods. 
    • Select from quick fields – Choose from an alphabetical list of fields to add to your form.
    • Select from a tree view - Select from a list of existing fields by searching the tree view of previously created forms to find the desired field.  Click on the plus signs (+) to drill down in the hierarchy. The information is displayed in the following order: 
                     + Type of Form
                         + Form
                             + Step (Tab)
                                 - Fields   (Click on the desired Field to select.)
  •  Select the Identifier Fields from the left column and click  >>  to move them to the Selected column. Once you have all of the fields in the Selected box, click Next

 TIP:  A best practice is to include the Member ID for your community as well as First Name and Last Name. There is also a Last Updated field which is a good Identifier.

7. Click Next.

8. Select Fields:  Select the Export Fields from the left column and click  >>  to move them to the Selected column using the same method as for the Identifier Fields above. The Export Fields will contain the data which has been updated. You can also select the Export File Format.

9. Click  Next.

10. Sort/Save Export List:  The next screen allows you to sort the Identifiers and Export Fields so the columns display as you would like. You will also be able to save the Export Field List to reuse in the future.

 NOTE:  Saving the Export Field List is not the same as saving the actual export.

11. Click Next.

12. Preview:  The next screen shows you a preview of the export information. The Identifier Fields are shaded in blue. The preview will show up to 10 rows of data. Click Next.

13. Click Download File.

14.  Save this Export for future use:  You also have the option to save the export for future use. If you choose to save the export, you will name the export and click .

15. Click Close.

NOTE:  When data is exported from a large text area field, the export tool will only export the first 1000 characters. The data will remain in the database, the characters are only truncated on the export.  Contact Customer Support to request an extension the maximum number of characters to 4000.

Access Saved Exports

1. There are two ways to get to the Saved Reports tab.

  • Choose Edit Members. Click the Saved Reports tab.

2. You will see a grid with all of the saved exports. There are icons to the left of each export that allow you to work with them. Hovering over the icon will display a tool tip indicating what each icon will allow you to do: Run Export, Modify Query, Modify Export Fields List, Edit Export Settings, and Delete Export.


Large Exports

If your export is very large, you might receive this message after the Preview page:  Your file is being processed.  Please wait...

The system will time out after 60 seconds if your file is too large to be processed in that time and will give you this message and options:

Select Save and Schedule.

Enter the Export Name, select today’s date for the Start Date, and select One Time for the Frequency. (End Date is not applicable.) Your export will be run in overnight processing, and you will receive an email notifying you when it is ready.