Forms Tab - CRM

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Forms Tab

There are several child tabs on the Forms tab which have various functions.

Manage Forms Child Tab
Add New Form allows you to create a new Form. The steps involved with this are covered in the Create Forms document.

Forms History Child Tab
The Forms History area will provide a look at the form payment history for the person whose name is at the top of the window.
To view information on another person, click Find Member Record. This will allow you to do a quick search.

1. Enter the name, email address, iModules Member ID, or Constituent ID of the person you want to view.
NOTE: Use quotation marks to search for an exact match.
2. As you type, results will be shown. Click on the name of the individual you want to select.
3. You will now be viewing that person’s Form History.
4. If any adjustments need to be made, use Adjust. If you need to do a refund back to a person’s credit card, you will need to work with your internet merchant.

Saved Reports Child Tab
The Saved Reports area provides quick access to the Form Reports that have been saved. You can use the icons in front of each report in order to run the report at any time.

Scheduled Reports Child Tab
The Scheduled Reports area provides quick access to the Form Reports that are scheduled to run at set frequencies. There are icons in front of each report if modifications are necessary.