Member Change History

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The Member Change History grid displays changes to member data across ALL members. (The Data Change History in the Profile Form area only displays the data for a single member.)
Access to this report is limited to Super admins and Member admins.
The grid will default to display changes in the last seven days, or you can change the time frame for the report (up to 90 days) by entering a start date and an end date, then selecting Generate Report.

The report will return a maximum of 10,000 rows of data.

Clicking on the gear icon next to a member row will take you directly into that member's Data Change History Tab.

The grid includes:

  • The prior data value before the update.
  • The history of items updated within the specified time period. If the user has updated multiple times in the report time period, the report displays each updated value in that period.
  • The same column information as in the Data Change History Grid, with the addition of the Member name and Constituent ID.

The sources of the changes displayed in the grid are the same as those defined in the Data Change History grid:

  • Profile Update - Data value updated by an authorized Admin.
  • LinkedIn - Data value updated by LinkedIn data integration.
  • Identity Checkpoint – Data value updated by Identity Checkpoint process.
  • Non-member Merge – Data value updated by Non-member Merge process
  • Login – Data value updated by Forgot Username or Forgot Password process.
  • Import Member Data - Data value updated by Import Member Data system
  • Email Forwarding Import – Data value updated by Email Forwarding Import process.
  • Web Services – Data value updated by web services process.
  • Flagged Words System – Data value updated by admin when a bad word is flagged in a profile.
  • Instant Notes Email – Data value updated by subscriber to email notifications of Instant Notes.
  • Bad Email Address Updated – Member updated their invalid email address.
  • Data Change History - Encompass Admin updated data value in the Data Change History grid.
  • Data Viewer Update Fields - Data value updated via the Data Viewer Update Value option. NOTE - may also be shown for new non-member records created when submitting a form.