Appeal Codes - Forms

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You can use Appeal Code functionality to generate additional reporting information for your commerce-based Forms, Events, Donations, and Membership. They are helpful for marketing purposes, for example, to let you know which of the marketing methods you used was the most effective.

NOTE: Tokenized Hidden Values are similar to Appeal Codes, but you can also use them on non-commerce forms and events.

Using Appeal Codes
To have Appeal Code information populate into your reports for commerce-based Forms, Events, Donations, or Membership:

  • Add &appealcode=xxxxxxx (the xxxxxxx represents the appeal code value you want to populate in the report) to the URL for your Form, Event, Donation, or Membership.
  • The &appealcode=xxxxxxx is added at the end of the long URL string for your Forms/Event/Donation/Membership (not the custom URL) and cannot exceed 64 characters.
  • For example,

NOTE: You need to add the appeal code on the end-user view of the form URL generated by the system.

Reporting for Appeal Codes
A column for appeal codes appears in your reports. The report populates with the used appeal code. If you have not used any appeal code, the column shows empty.

Admin Confirmation Email
If you have used an appeal code for a campaign, You can see the appeal codes in the admin confirmation email and other transaction details.

Appeal Code Example
Below is an example scenario of using the Appeal Code functionality.

  • Add an appeal code suffix to the link for your Donation campaign.
  • Create an email in Email Marketing that includes the link to the Donation Campaign. Use the hyperlink manager or a button to create a "friendly" link so you're not displaying the long URL in your email.
  • Your recipients will click the link to give. (No changes will appear on the Donation form itself.)
  • The Appeal Code you added to the link will populate into the Donation Report and the Reconciliation Report if the user successfully completed the billing and reached the Finish Page.