Data Change History Tab

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Data Change History (Profile forms only)
This grid tracks changes to member profile fields, including the prior value in the field, the new value it was changed to and who made the change.

Member Admins and Super Admins can view/use this grid.

Restore Data Values
To change a field back to the prior value, check the box beside a record and click the Restore Selected Data Values button.

Values in the Editor Column
The Editor column on the grid shows where/how the user made the updates [in brackets] and who made the changes. Following is a list of the values that will populate this column and an explanation of each:

  • Profile Update - Data value updated by an authorized Admin or the member.
  • LinkedIn - Data value updated by LinkedIn data integration.
  • Identity Checkpoint – Data value updated by Identity Checkpoint process.
  • Non-member Merge – Data value updated by Non-member Merge process
  • Login – Data value updated by Forgot Username or Forgot Password process.
  • Import Member Data - Data value updated by Import Member Data system
  • Email Forwarding Import – Data value updated by Email Forwarding Import process.
  • Web Services – Data value updated by web services process.
  • Bad Email Address Updated – Member updated invalid email address.
  • Data Change History - Encompass Admin updated data value in the Data Change History grid.
  • Data Viewer Update Fields - Data value updated via the Data Viewer Update Value option.
  • NOTE: This is seen when new non-member records are created and when admins use the Update Value option.