Verifying Cloned Forms

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When you first access the cloned Campaign/Event/Form, it shows an error that says it is not verified. Click on the “here” link to verify.

  • Select the Manage Form dropdown and then review each of the following items to confirm there is no verbiage specific to the original campaign (e.g., references to the year 2009 in the Step Display Text of Edit Step Settings or in the Subject Line/Body of the Confirmation Emails):
    • Edit Step Settings
    • Confirmation / Finish Page / Form Exit
    • Member Confirmation Email
    • Admin Confirmation Email
  • When viewing the Form from the front-end (where people would actually fill it out), check to make sure there is no reference to last year’s campaign (e.g., reference to the year 2009 at the top of the Browser screen).  If there is, you can change this by clicking on the Content Tab, then clicking Page Properties and editing the Page Title.


To learn more about the steps for cloning all form types, visit the Cloning Checklist page.