Auto-fill Donation Amount in a Donation Form via the URL

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Many clients have requested the ability to pass a donation amount in a URL that auto-populates the giving amount field on the donation form.  A constituent could click on a link in their email that would take them to the donation form with the giving amount auto-populated.  Or the constituent could click on content on the site that would take them to the donation form with the giving amount auto-populated.  Adding the donation amount to the query string is easy to set up and it will continue to work with other items that are appended to the end of the query string like Designation IDs and appeal codes.

Adding the donation amount to the query string

In order to have the donation amount populated into the giving form, you will  add &amount=xxxx to the query string, where the xxxx represents the dollar amount that would populate on the form.  The &amount=xxxx is added at the end of the URL and should only include the dollar amount, no dollar signs. Decimals can only be utilized unless the form is set up to use the "whole dollar amount only" option. The donation amount remains editable so the constituent can override the donation with an amount of their choosing

For example: will populate the donation form with $500 in the giving amount field.  

The capability to auto-fill the donation amount works with all of the other means to customize the URL in the Encompass system - including appeal codes and Designation IDs. For example, the URL below customizes both the donation amount (amount=500) and the selected designations that will appear on the giving page, with designation amount auto-apportioned based on the auto-filled giving amount.


User Interaction

A constituent who clicks on a link and is taken to the form with the donation amount pre-populated will be able to change the donation amount.  

Business Rules

  • This will only work with the Single Amount Input - text box option.  If the Multiple Fixed Amounts - radio buttons or the Multiple Fixed Amounts - checkbox series options are enabled, adding the &amount=xxxx to the end of the query string will not pre-populate an amount on the donation form.
  • This will not work with Donation Levels.
  • This will not work if the 'Designation amounts determine the total amount of the donation' option has been selected when configuring the form. 
  • The &amount can be used with other supported query string parameters like &appealcode, &pdid, &dids, &bledit.  The order these parameters are added to the query string does not matter.
  • The &amount can be used to populated the donation amount that has been added to an event through the Event with Donation feature on legacy events and any of the new event registration types.  If the donation portion of the transaction fails, when the constituent clicks on the link to the campaign from the finish page or their confirmation email the amount will persist and will pre-populate the amount when the constituent lands on the donation form.

Additional information on URL Customization: