Integration with TouchNet T-Link Payment Gateway

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Enables constituents to update their credit card information that is stored in TouchNet and associated with the Encompass token (This is separate from the Encompass TouchNet Ready payment gateway integration).

Not to be confused with the TouchNet Ready payment gateway integration that the majority of our clients use, TouchNet T-Link is a hosted page product where the user enters in their credit card information on a TouchNet hosted page, then TouchNet sends us a token that Encompass recurring billing uses for Donations scheduled and perpetual payments, and Memberships auto-renewals and scheduled payments.  This is unique among our supported hosted processors.  The TouchNet system does not have the ability for clients (admins or users) to update credit card information, meaning cards would expire and the recurring commitments would have to be canceled by clients which was not a tenable situation for our clients. To that end, TouchNet developed a new API for us to connect the User Credit Card Management System (released in July) to the TouchNet system.  With this release, clients with TouchNet T-Link can now have Encompass deploy the credit card management system so that the automated emails will link the constituent to the secure page in the client’s Encompass install.  On that page, when they select the “Edit” option they will then be taken to a page on the TouchNet servers to update their card information. 

  • T-Link is a hosted page system – the user puts their credit card information into a page on TouchNet servers.
  • An enhancement in 2014 enabled recurring payments with Encompass and T-Link via tokenization – TouchNet sends a token that the Encompass system uses to make recurring payments.
  • This enhancement enables the user to update the card information associated with a TouchNet token in our system when the automated email is sent to the user in advance of card expiration or after card payment failure.

Currently work is being done to provide the same ability for CyberSource gateway with tokenization enabled.