Integration with CyberSource Tokenization

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The User Credit Card Management system has been extended to support the tokenization option with the CyberSource payment gateway.  The User Credit Card Management System already supports the standard CyberSource payment gateway configuration utilized by most clients using CyberSource.  The CyberSource tokenization option is an additional option, available through CyberSource and supported in Encompass, whereby the user's credit card information is securely transmitted from the Encompass system to CyberSource, as with all non-hosted payment gateway integrations. 

Now, with the new User Credit Card Management System, automatic notifications of upcoming card expiration dates, and/or card failures for expiration, over the limit, invalid card, or other reason, will now be able to be sent for clients that utilize the CyberSource tokenization option.  The user will be linked to a secure, hidden page in the clients' Encompass website, where the user can update their card expiration date, billing address or change the credit card associated with their recurring commitment.

More information on the User Credit Card Management System.

CyberSource Tokenization

The difference with this gateway configuration, currently only supported with the Encompass' integration with CyberSource, is that for recurring billing transactions - scheduled payments, perpetual payments, and memberships auto-renewal, CyberSource sends back a token for the Encompass system to affect the future recurring transactions.  This enables two things - Encompass only stores the token associated with the user's card information, and secondly, for recurring billing, it is a means to enable CVV2 collection with the initial user payment and then still affect future recurring payments without the CVV2 code which is prohibited by PCI-DSS from being stored at any time.