Importing Gifts

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Encompass allows you to import offline gifts into the Donations system.  Offline gifts could include a donor who sent in a check or responded to a direct mail campaign.

Offline Gift Import File

The file required columns are constituent ID, Transaction Date and Time, and Gift Amount.  Transaction Date sets the date of the gift in the Contribution Grid.  A separate file needs to be sent for each campaign.  iModules matches the changes in the file to the Donations system based on the constituent ID.

To find the correct column headers for your import file, go to the Donations Homepage, select the truck  beside the campaign you want to import into, and select Yes after reading the disclaimer.  You'll see a list of the columns for the import.  The exact column names will vary by community, but constituent_id, trans_datetime (transaction date and time - MM/DD/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY H:MM), and CampaignName-GivingAmount (Gift Amount) are required.

Imported Gifts will appear in Donation Exports.  Imported Gifts are differentiated from gifts via card transactions  by the absence of values for authorization code, and the payment gateway transaction ID columns. They also do not have the "skip billing" values that are present for transactions that are inputted by admins via the administrative interface that chose to skip the credit card billing system.

Offline Gift Import File via SFTP

  • There must be a file for each campaign.
  • The file needs to include a constituent ID, Transaction Date and Time, and Gift Amount. .
  • The following fields are also accepted in the file:

"trans_billing_fullname", "varchar";
"trans_cc_expdate", "datetime";
"trans_cc_last4", "varchar";
"trans_cc_type", "varchar";
"trans_email", "varchar";
"trans_city", "varchar";
"trans_country_code", "varchar";
"trans_state_code", "varchar";
"trans_postal_code", "varchar";
"trans_street1", "varchar";
"trans_street2", "varchar";
"trans_authcode", "varchar";
"trans_custtransnum", "varchar";
"trans_cvvresponse", "varchar";
"trans_retrievalcode", "varchar";

Import transactions via SFTP to sealed sub-communities

You can import commerce form, membership, and donation transactions via SFTP into designated sealed sub-communities by specifying the Group ID in the file name.  To specify the file name, '_sealedid#' needs to be added to the end of the file name.  For example, if you have a file with donation transactions called DonationImport that you want to import into gid230 the file should be named DonationImport_sealedid230.csv.  The rest of the import process remains the same, only the file name needs to be updated to include the Group ID.