Event Promotion Codes

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This feature allows your organization to provide online promotional codes (promo codes) to your constituents for event ticketing discounts.

The promotion code field is added to your Event with Detail Page and RSVP/Registration through a data field type called "Promotion Code." This field allows you to designate a dollar amount discount associated with a code for the user to input on the form. You can add one Promotional Code field per event, but you can have as many promo codes within that field as you would like.

Super admins and Event admins can create and edit promotion codes for an event.



Event Promotion Code Specifications
  • The discount is dollar amount only (not a percentage)
  • The discount is taken off of the total purchase only (not a specific ticket, field, etc.)
  • Users cannot submit more than one code in the field
  • If the discount brings the purchase total down to $0, the system will skip the billing step
  • The promotional code field is an instance field (does not support role-basing tokenization)
  • The promo code must be added to the first step on an event form.
  • Text associated with the Promotional Code on your form is editable in Page Verbiage
  • If a user attempts to enter an invalid code, a message will appear on screen
  • If a user revisits the form after using a promo code and completing the transaction, the promo code field will not appear on the form
  • If a user revisits the form after completing the transaction and did NOT use a promo code, the promo code field will NOT appear on the form
  • Information about the promo code will appear on the confirmation page as well as in the confirmation email
  • Appeal codes will work with promo codes IF the transaction total does not drop to $0 due to a promo code being used
  • A promo code only applies to commerce items (both items that drive registration and items that do not drive registration).  They do not apply to commerce amount fields (where the user enters the amount into the field)
  • A promo code can only be added to the primary registrant step of the form
  • If the user revisits the form after a successful submission the promo code field will NOT appear on the form

Additionally, once created in the data field, the promotional code can be added directly to the end of the form URL and will pre-populate the form with the promo code. (This can be helpful for hyperlinks in emails, for example.) To use this feature, add "&pc=XXXX" (XXXX is whatever your promo code is) to the end of the form URL.
Example: https://clients.imodules.com/s/1117/index.aspx?sid=1117&gid=1&pgid=951&pc=10off
Using this URL will populate the promotional code on the form for the user.

Adding the Promotion Code Field to an Event  

Only one promotion code field is allowed per event. Multiple promo codes can be created for the event, but an admin can only add one promo code field.  The promo code field must be added to the FIRST step of the event, but it can't be added to an activity.   

  1. Create your Event with Detail Page and RSVP/Registration.
  2. In the Category where you want to add the Promotion Code field, click Manage Category and select Add New Field.
  3. Enter a Field Name. (e.g., "Promotion Code" or "Enter Promotion Code")
  4. Select the Audience you want to be able to see the field.  (This is useful if you've only given the promotion code to a specific group.)
  5. From the Data Field Type dropdown, select Promotion Code.
  6. Enter the Promotion Code (limit of 10 characters and no spaces) you want users to enter on the form.
  7. Discount Amount:   Enter the dollar amount that should be discounted from the user's total event purchases.  The promotion code is a discount amount for the event overall. (Percentage discounts are not supported.)
  8. Expiration Date (not required) when you want the code to no longer be valid.
    **NOTE - the expiration date will be the date the code no longer works. Example: entering the date of 8/1/17 will cause the expiration date to be good through 7/31/17.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Add additional promo codes as needed.  Click Next to save.
Promotion Code Parameters
  • Promo codes can be alpha-numeric.
  • Special characters can be used in promo codes.
  • Promo codes have a limit of 10 characters.
  • Promo codes are not case-sensitive
  • Events can have multiple promo codes; however, there can only be one promotion code field on an event.
  • Percentage off discounts are not supported, only dollar off discounts. 
  • The system will not allow an admin to create a $0 promo code.  
Edit Promotion Codes
  1. Select the Edit Field icon on the Promotion Code field.
  2. Select the promo code and edit the following fields:  Promotion Code,  Discount, and Expiration Date.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.
NOTE:  No changes can be made to the promo code name, the discount amount or the expiration date once the promotion code has been used.
Delete Promotion Codes

Only unused promotion codes can be deleted. Deleted promo codes are still available for reporting.

  1. Select the Edit Field icon on the Promotion Code field.
  2. From the gear dropdown beside a promo code, select Delete.  There is no confirmation. 
  3. Select Next to save your changes.
Disable/Enable Promotion Codes

You can disable promotion codes that you are no longer using or enable codes that you want to activate again.  Users who enter a disabled promotion code will see an error message.

  1. Select the Edit Field icon on the Promotion Code field.
  2. From the gear dropdown, select Disable/Enable.
  3. Select Next to save your changes.
Adding the Promo Code to Your Event URL to Pre-populate the Promo Code for a User
  • Go to the user view of your event and copy the URL from the page that contains the promo code field.
  • You can then use this URL in an email or on a page on your site to link your targeted users to the event where the promo code will be pre-populated for them.
User View

Only one promo code will be accepted per event from a user    The user can only use one promo code per event, meaning they can't use a $10 off promo code and a $5 off promo code to get a total of $15 off the event.    

When a valid promo code is entered by the user, the confirmation page will show a row with the description of the event and the subtotal for the event before the promo code has been applied.  The next row will include the promo code name and the discounted amount with a negative sign in front of the amount.   The final row will show total with the discounted amount of the event.

 If a user fills out the event form and then comes back into the event through the edit registration link, they will not be able to apply the promo code again.  The promo code field won't be displayed so they can't enter a promo code.

Using a promo code will never make the total for the event a negative amount.  If for example, a user purchases 4 $2.00 tickets, which brings the total to $8.00 and they enter a $10.00 promo code, the total amount would still be $0.00.  The promo code would display the amount of the promo code that is actually applied instead of the total promo code amount. A $0 total will not take the user through the billing and confirmation pages. A confirmation email will still be sent.   


 Adjusting an event with a promo code would never show a negative amount, it would just adjust the amount to be $0.00.

Event Promotion Code Reporting   

Promo Codes will display in Event Reporting as a new column.  Each registration row where a promo code is used will display that corresponding promo code.  The data in the column will include the promo code name and the discount off amount.

Query Building

You can create queries in Data Viewer based on the promo code field.  Create a new query, select the promo code field you created, then choose "Starts with" and enter the promo code (or "Has a value") to see the who used the promo code.