Categories - Event Form

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A category is a container that holds fields. You can have multiple Categories on a Step.

Add New Category
1. From Manage Form, choose Add New Category.
2. Enter a name for the category and click .
3. The new category will be added to the form.

Add Existing Category
1. From Manage Form, choose Add Existing Category.
2. A new window will pop up showing existing forms and categories. Click   to open up the form you want and keep clicking on the   to drill down to the desired category.
3. Click on the category you want to use.
4. The options for using an existing category are shown below:

  • Copy (Reuse) - Copy will re-use the existing category and fields, and any changes made on the form will be saved on the original also. 
  • Clone (Save As) - Clone will save the category under a new name without affecting the original category. Click on the checkbox to indicate if you want to include the fields.  The category can be customized without affecting the original category. This is the recommended option.
  • Move category - will take the category off of the form it is currently on and place it on the form you are building.

5. Make your selection and click Next.
6. The category will be added to the form.

Add Donation Category
Once an event has been created, you will have the ability to add a donation category to the event to allow the end user to donate while registering for the event.

  1. From Manage Form, choose Add Donation Category.
  2. From the Campaign Name dropdown, select the campaign with which the event should be associated.
    The following campaigns will not be available in the dropdown:

    • Campaigns that use a different payment gateway than the event.
    • Campaigns that have been disabled by the campaign admin.
    • Campaigns that have been deleted by the campaign admin.
    • Campaigns that have transaction date ranges in the past.
    • Campaigns that are locked by the campaign admin.
    • Unverified cloned campaigns.

    NOTE:  If a Campaign uses a hosted processor, the campaign will be available in the dropdown, but when it is added to the event a message will be displayed to the admin letting them know the campaign is on a hosted processor and the donation category will NOTdisplay to the user. 

  3. Once a campaign is selected, additional configuration options are displayed in the window.  The settings are defaulted to the settings from the campaign, but can be changed.
  4. In addition to the settings that appear from the campaign, the admin will be able to configure the Category Header and the Instructions for the category.  These options are available when editing any category.  The Category Header configurations allows the admin to include a category header, make the category collapsible, include help text and category data fields in the collapsible panel and set the collapsible header to "closed" by default.  The Instructions option allows the admin to add verbiage to the category through a text editor.
  5. Click Save.

Editing Categories
Click Manage Category and choose Category Settings (Audience, Category Header, etc.).

  • To add text, click Manage Category and then choose Add Rich Text.
  • To remove a Category, click  Manage Category and then choose Remove Category.