Registering for a Member


Registering for a Member

1. Click on the Event Name of the Event you want to edit.

2. Click Data Entry Mode.

2. At the top of the window, click Find Member Record.

4. Enter the name of the member you need to search for and click the folder.   A list of members who fit your search criteria will be displayed.

5. Click the checkmark to select the member.

6. You are now viewing the Event as that member (even though you are logged in as yourself).

7. Complete the Event Registration for the member by entering the necessary information into the registration form. You will be able to send confirmation emails as well.

Note: A Skip button on the billing step is visible to admins when registering on behalf of a constituent. Use this Skip option if the registrant paid with cash or check, or if you are allowing payment to be collected at the door.

8. To move back to viewing as yourself, click in the upper right corner of the window and select Exit editing this member.

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