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Set the Date, Time, recurrence schedule (only applies to custom recurring emails) and Time Zone for sending the Email.

For Express and Custom - One Time emails you'll have the option to send Immediately or In the future:

  • When Immediately is selected, the email is deployed when the Release Email step is completed.
  • When In the future is selected, the time scheduling box will now accept minutes.  The dropdown only displays hours, but the minute can be typed in the box.

Currently, Community Content is NOT supported with emails that are sent "immediately".  Community Content includes such things as Events listings, Forward to a Friend, and RSS Feeds that change with each send.  E:mails with this type of content can only be sent at the top of the hour. The ability to send Community Content immediately will be added in the future.  Tokens and roles are supported in emails that are sent immediately.

For Custom - Recurring emails you'll set the date, time (including the minute) and the recurrence schedule.

Emails will be sent on the hour by default.  For example if you schedule the email for 3:30, it will be sent at 4:00.  Or a specific hour and minute can be entered in the field.

The first recurring email will be sent on the Start Date you choose, then subsequent emails will follow the recurrence schedule you set.

NOTE:  The Bi-weekly scheduling option has been removed from recurring emails. Bi-weekly scheduling can still be achieved by using the "specific dates" option.


Email admins have the option to get a preview email for recurring emails (for emails they created) at least one hour before EACH send so they can review it before it is sent out.

 NOTE:  The field "is email valid" is no longer able to be used with the "update a value" feature in Data Viewer.  "Is email valid" can still be updated via web services or import.The change was required to facilitate integration with the new email deployment engine.

Tip: Set your date into the future so your email doesn’t get sent earlier than you intended. You can go back later and change the date to send it out when you’re ready to go.
Ending a Recurring Email
Recurring emails will have an "End Recurrence" option while in the Released Emails grid. You can use this option to stop sending a recurring email and maintain all of your email history and reporting history.
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