Email Design Tools

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Preview / Build Mode - Click Preview to see your email without the admin tools and to get a better idea of what it will look like when it is sent.  Click Build Mode to go back to building your email.  Admins can toggle between the two modes by clicking on the button.

Skin Builder - The Skin Builder option allows you to customize the look of your email.

Custom CSS - A text box will appear to allow you to enter custom CSS for the email.  Web designers with knowledge of CSS and the iModules Design Team can use this area to customize the look of the email. The contents of this text area will be rendered inside a style block in the email. 

NOTE:  Custom CSS is NOT supported in Gmail.

  • Mobile Layouts/Templates will have Custom CSS already entered into the text box (primarily to allow the content to display vertically on mobile devices), but it can be modified.
  • Standard Layouts/Templates for new emails will not have Custom CSS already entered in the text box.

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