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The Build Content step of the Email Builder allows you to customize the look and the content of your Email.

  1. Create your email message using the Create Custom Email process and select Build Content.
  2. Launch Skin Builder to customize the Layout if needed.
  3. Edit the text as needed.
  4. Drag and drop Custom Content and/or Community Content into your email.
  5. Click Open Preview to see the email without the admin tools.

The preview will open in a new window. Tokens remain in their raw ##Last Name##, ##First Name## form rather than being translated into Doe, Jane for example.  Admin information is not loaded for tokens or roles in the preview.

NOTE:  The preview will show the admin's groups or suggested groups when either of those community widgets exist in the email.  The preview window does apply the admin's information to Groups and Suggested Groups community content. 

Click Save & Continue to move to the Choose Recipients step (or select Done).

NOTE:  View Email in Browser text can be edited or removed on the Email  Details step of email creation.

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