Profile Navigation Tabs

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Choose the items you want to display on the member profile page in your community.  Check items you want to display and uncheck items you do NOT want to display on the member profile.

Generally, these items should not be changed after the default profile page display has been determined for your community. 

Click Edit to change the title of the item and to set the audience for the item.

  • The primary tab for Personal Profile, that displays the accompanying member data fields, cannot be removed or role-based  - it can only be renamed.
  • There is no ability to adjust the sort order of the tab features.  All feature tabs that are enabled will appear in the same relative ordering as they appear in the tool.
  • In the configuration of the Groups & Communities tabs, it is an independent option to show one or both of the sub-options for Groups or Communities

Profile Navigation Items

Personal Profile (Required) - Displays member field data for the constituent.  Cannot be removed or role-based.

Class Notes - Displays the constituent's Class Notes.

Photos - Displays the constituent's Photo Albums.

Job Postings - Displays the constituent's Job Postings.  (Not displayed to other constituents)

Classifieds - Displays the constituent's Classifieds.  (Not displayed to other constituents)

Groups & Communities - Displays the constituent's Groups and Communities.  (Not displayed to other constituents)

Groups - Displays only the constituent's Groups.

Communities - Displays only the constituent's Communities.


Transaction History Links

Select whether you want the Transaction History to display on the profile, and also select what type of transactions you want to be displayed.   Transaction History is only displayed to the Profile Page owner and not to other constituents.

Transaction History

Donations - Displays the constituent's Donations transactions.

Events - Displays the constituent's Events purchases and also includes registrations to free or RSVP events.

Memberships - Displays the constituent's Membership purchases.