Library (Legacy)

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The Library functionality is a legacy feature for clients who have used Encompass for a long time.  Newer clients will want to use the File Library Content Module for their files.

The file library is used to provide reference documents, printable documents, and media files to your Community members.
Virtually any type of file can be uploaded to a File Library folder, including sound and music files, images, documents, forms and videos.

Divide your library into category and sub-category folders and then populate the folders with your library files.  Make sure that items are intuitively named and organized in a manner that will make it easy for members to locate the items for which they are looking. 

: During the category folder creation process, you may set an Audience for the folder.  The folder's selected audience determines who can see the folder and access the items.  This means that you could have a folder for your organizations Board of Directors / Trustees where sensitive documents such as meeting minutes and financials could be kept where Board members could easly access them, but where they would also be safe from view by other members.

The File Library's layout is similar to a computer directory structure.  Categories are folders and items belonging to a category are sub-categories or files.   You can control who has access to a particular folder through the selection of an Audience for the category.

The top-most item is always "Library", followed by the main level of categories. Under the main level are sub-categories and files.  Your ability to add subfolders is almost limitless.

Any action you take by clicking the buttons across the top of the library screen (Create Category, Edit Category, Delete Category, and Upload File) will occur for the folder that is currently active.  The active folder can be identified by the fact that it is shaded blue instead of yellow.  To make a category the active one, click on it. 

To create a main top level category, make sure that the Library folder is active and then click Create Category.  

To create a sub-folder of an existing category, make the folder to which you wish to add the category active, and then click Create Category

To add a file to an existing category, make it the active folder and then click Upload File.

To make changes to an existing category, click it to make it active and then click Edit Category.


To collapse the structure, click the Library item. This action sends you to the Main Level of Categories on the File Library main page.