Content Delivery Network

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Encompass client websites go through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosted by Cloudflare.  Encompass uses their Enterprise Website product which allows all SSL pages, including Login, Commerce, and Admin pages, to be on the CDN.

Currently, we cache the following file types on Cloudflare using their Standard level of caching:


The Standard level of caching delivers a different resource every time the query string changes.

Purging files on CDN

If a file is cached in the CDN, it will remain there indefinitely unless issued a purge request.

Purge requests are sent automatically to Cloudflare every time a file is added/replaced/uploaded in Encompass. Even though the system processes purge requests when Cloudflare receives them, due to the nature of the CDN, it could take up to five minutes before a client may see the correct/new image/file.

Forcing purge requests

Files added via FTP or any other method not within the Encompass UI will require a manual purge request to be sent to Cloudflare. Please contact Customer Support for assistance.