View Full Site for Mobile Devices

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Designers have the ability to add a new token to any content module that will add an option to view the full site from a mobile device.  The same option will be displayed on the full site view (from the mobile device) that will allow the user to switch back to the mobile view.  This ability to add this option is available for sites that have mobile templates enabled.


When setting up mobile templates, the designer can add the token [[Mobile_FullSite_Link_Modes]] to the site.  The token can be added in any content block and should be added to the editor in the HTML view. 

Adding this token, will display the following Full Site | Mobile option on the mobile template with Full Site linked to the main template.

When the user selects the Full Site option and is viewing the full site from their mobile device, the Full Site | Mobile option will be added to the template with Mobile linked to the mobile template for the page.

When the user views the page from a non-mobile device, the token will not be displayed.

Additional Information

If a user crosses domains, meaning they go from a non-secure page to a secure page, the Full Site or Mobile selection that is made will persist.  This means that if the user is on a a non-secure page (such as home page) and selects to view the Full Site from a mobile device, then clicks on a secure page (such as a donation form), the Full Site version will remain displayed.

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