Edit a Listing Module Display Format

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You can edit the display format for News, Events, Donations, and Memberships listing modules.  The options are similar for all these types of listings.

1.  Click Content Builder to make it active. The light bulb will change to yellow. Click  to edit the Listing module.

2. Click Save on the first screen of properties.

3.  Select the format you want to edit from the available choices.  You will see a preview of the format in the area to the right.
Click the Edit the selected Module Display Format checkbox and then click Next >>.

4. Depending on the content Format you have chosen you may have a few areas to edit, typically the Header, Body and Footer.
Use the Content Editor for each section to make changes.
Click Next to save and continue.

5. Preview the information that will be displayed.

Save format to be reused:  Select this option to save this format so you can select it from the list of formats in the future.

Create a new format: Create a new format based on the changes you just made. You will be prompted to enter a Format Name.
Overwrite an existing format:  Select the format from the list that you want to change/overwrite to include the edits you just made.

You have the option to enter a new name for the format in the Change format name text box. (Your previous format and name will not be saved.)

Click Next to continue.  Your new format will now be displayed in the Listing/Calendar module.


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