Creating Custom URLs Using LinkBuilder

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LinkBuilder allows you to create a custom URL or hyperlink for any page that contains the LinkBuilder icon. When the URL is placed within an email sent from your community, the links are trackable from the Reporting area of Email Marketing. *If you do not see the LinkBuilder icon on you content pages, reach out to Customer Support to have it added.

1. Go to the page where you want to create a custom URL and click .

2. Enter the extension for the URL you want to create in the area provided. The beginning part of the URL will be the standard URL for your community (Example: ).

NOTE: You may use letters, numbers, dashes/underscores (- and _) and spaces, but not slashes (\ or /), punctuation (, ; ! etc) or symbols (@ & * etc).


3. Enter a Name for the URL you created.

NOTE: The name you assign to the URL will appear in the Custom Link area of the content editor after it has been saved.

4. Description:  The description is optional, but highly recommended.  It gives other users access to information on the link and helps prevent the creation of duplicate links to the same page.

5. Click Save.

6. When you have finished, click Close.

NOTE: If you are customizing a URL with an Appeal Code, Designation, Promotion Code, etc., hit enter after the customization and then click the LinkBuilder icon to create a short URL tied to the customized URL.