User Site Map

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Add User Site Map Module

  • Navigate to the page where you want to add a User Site Map.
  • Click the Content Modules dropdown menu.
  • Select User Site Map and hover over it.  The mouse cursor will change too. You can then click and hold on the User Site Map to drag and drop it onto the page. The module gets placed above the area is shaded in light blue.

Editing the User Site Map Module

1. Click Content Builder to make it active. The light bulb will change to yellow.

NOTE:  Content Builder enables you to move, edit, and delete modules via a “floating” toolbar. The floating toolbar appears as you hover over each module. The floating toolbar icons that display will depend on the module and your administrative rights.

2. Click  to edit the module.

  • You can edit the Site Map Name.
  • You can make changes to the Audience.
  • You can select the Default Sort Order:  Hierarchical or Alphabetical.
  • The final option is Show User Sort Option.  Checking this box will put radio buttons above the Site Map to allow users to sort the content: Hierarchical or Alphabetical.