Create and Manage News Articles

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Create News Article
Edit Article
Content Archive Tab
Manage New Listing Module

Create News Article

1.  Click .
2.  Title: Enter the Title of your news article.
3.  News Title Link: Select an option for your News Title / headline:

  • No link: The news Title is not displayed as a link.  When you select this option, the only information available for users is the Title and the Content Summary.  The Content Body text editor will not be available when this option is selected.
  • Full Article (default): The Title links to the full article (Content Body).
  • Custom Link: This option allows you to enter a custom link for the news Title so you can link users to a different page on your site or to a page on another site.  The Content Body text editor will not be available when this option is selected.
    • Open link in new window is selected by default.  Uncheck this option to open the news article in the same window.

4.  News Listing Types:  Select the area(s) where this article should display. Use the Control key to select more than one.

NOTE: Choose listings based on where the listings have been placed and where you want them to display.  Use the Control key to select multiple listings.

5.  Audience:  Select the Audience for the article.

  • Everyone– Audience does not need to be logged in to view this content.
  • Logged In - Members must be logged in to view this content.
  • Role - Only members who fit the criteria for a certain role (i.e., Class of 1992, Current Students, or Female alumni) will be able to see this content.
    Choose from the previously created list of roles in the dual list box and use the 
    arrows to select. 
    • Deny Access to the following:  You may also exclude certain groups from the Audience by using this checkbox.  Then, choose from the previously created list of roles and use the arrows to select a group to exclude.
    • For example, you could include Everyone in the Audience except the Class of 2008: 
      • Select Everyone in the first list box.
      • Click the checkbox to Deny Access to the following.
      • Select Class of 2008 in the second list box.

6.   Allow users to comment:  Select this option to allow constituents to comment on this content.   Users will see a comment box below the content for them to enter text.  The comment will be displayed on the page and the user can also choose to display the comment on Facebook.  Constituents will be asked to login to Facebook if they are not already logged in.
7.   Enter the Publication Date using the calendar box. The Publication Date is the date the article will be displayed.
8.   Archive Date:  This is the date the article will be removed from view.
9. Thumbnail Image: If presented with the thumbnail image option, you can upload an image. If the News format is set up to utilize a thumbnail, it will be pulled in. The image dimensions will vary by client configuration and News format.
10. Thumbnail Alt Text: If you're adding a thumbnail image, Alt Text must be entered. Alt Text is necessary for accessibility. The Alt Text should be descriptive of what is occurring within the image, so that non-sighted users receive the same context as sighted users.
11.   Enter the Content Summary here:  In the content editor, you can enter Summary Text. This text will be shown in the news listing (if the module is configured to display the summary).
12.  Enter the Content Body here: In the content editor, you can enter the full text of your news article. (Users will not see the Content Body until they click on the Title link.)
13.  Create content as a unique page: This option will create a unique hidden page for the item in the Site Map. It is unchecked by default.  NOTE:  If you leave this option unchecked (choose not to create content as a unique page), the content is added to a shared system page named View Content on the site map.  The page name can be edited.
14.  Click Create.

Edit Article

  • Click  for the item you want to edit.
  • Click Save when you have finished editing.

Content Archive Tab

  • Click  to edit a content item, then click  the Content Archive tab to view the archive of content for that item.  It will show the previous versions of that content.
  • Click  to preview the content item.
  • Click  to edit the content item.
  • Click  to remove the content item.
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