Cloning Checklist

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Cloning An Event

Follow these steps to clone an event.  Then follow the cloning checklist to verify all event components have been updated

  1. Access the properties of the event you are wishing to clone.
    The properties can be access by going to the Events menu, selecting Events Home, and then clicking the gear icon to the left of the event name and choosing Edit Event.
  2. Click Toggle Advanced Mode.
  3. Check Include on the template list for reuse and enter a description.
  4. Click Save and then Next.
  5. Click the Create New Event button above the grid.
  6. Complete the properties for your new event and be certain to select the "Use an existing event template" after completing the other properties above it.  Select the clone icon to the left of the desired event in the list.
  7. Follow the Cloning Checklist in this article to ensure all properties are updated.


Cloning Checklist

Review this checklist when creating from a template (cloning) for Forms, Events and Donations.   Here's a handy downloadable pdf version of the Cloning Checklist.

  • Edit the title
  • Edit the Start Date and End Dates
  • Edit the Display Dates and Registration Dates (if applicable)
  • Edit the Preview Text (for a listing) and the Description (Detail Page) (if needed/desired)
  • Review and edit the Review and Finish pages (if needed/desired)
  • Review and edit the Member and Admin Confirmation Emails
  • Edit step names (if needed/desired)
  • Edit category names (if needed/desired)
  • Add Donation Category (if needed/desired)
  • Edit the values of any fields or commerce items (if needed/desired)
  • Change field names and export column header names (if needed/desired)
  • Rebuild and reapply form specific roles (general profile driven roles are fine)
  • Add any unique fields needed
  • Verify the payment gateway being used for the event. If the event you cloned was assigned to use a specific gateway, this event will also be set up to use the same gateway.